A Ground Zero mix, by Ujikaji Records & Ankit Suri

The playlist for Ground Zero by Ujikaji Records is composed of songs inspired by every artwork in this issue. It’s special and raw, capturing the spirit of a jarring start and makes you want to be dropped off in a different dimension to stay and explore for a while.

Featuring alongside Ujikaji’s playlist is an instrumental track composed by Ankit Suri for the dance show Leftovers by Ellen Sickenbeger. As the opening piece for our very own homepage, its developmental nature sets a rhythm, and leaves again without any feeling of resolution.

Artists in playlist in order:

The Jhai Alai



Zircon Lounge


Drakar Taso

May Yee






MUSIC LABEL: Ujikaji Records


Ujikaji means ‘experiment’ in Malay. Ujikaji is an independent music label and organizer of DIY music events. Its interests lie in the curation of fiercely experimental music, whether in rock, jazz, electronic, or other idioms, but with a special focus on Southeast Asian artists and sounds. The label supports independent artists in the production aspects of releasing their music, establishing a complementary partnership that allows them to focus on the creative aspects of music‐making. Ujikaji has released works by Awk Wah, Dream State Vision, Magus, Marco Fusinato, The Observatory, Pan Gu, Tim O’Dwyer, Yan Jun and Yuen Chee Wai. It has also organized shows for musicians from Singapore, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway and South Korea.





Ankit is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from India who grew up in Singapore. With a degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music, Ankit has scored for all forms of media from television, to short and full-length films as well as art installations. In one of his first emails to us, he wrote “I write music for things.” We love things.

Currently working with the record label he helped start – Alternative Fidelity Music Group – Ankit is working on producing with a number of talented artists from a variety of genres from soul, hip-hop, jazz and pop as well as scoring 2 feature films and some short films.

Ground Zero mix, Ujikaji
Leftovers, Ankit Suri